Protect your phone from theft and fall in a stylish way with OYO safety string

Do you keep your phone in your hand all the time because you are afraid someone might steal it? Do you invest in different phone covers to protect the screen in case phone falls? Are you worried because even the best quality phone covers have been unable to protect your screen? Well! You are not alone in this. Everyone is dealing with this problem.

What if we tell you there is a device that can protect your phone from falling and theft. It means that no more broken screen or stolen phone. We know you would not believe us until we will show you. Here we have for you OYO, the perfect safety string for your phone.

No more broken screen

We know that repairing the phone’s screen often cost more than the actual price of the product. As well as you have to lose your data wait for a few days for it to be repaired. With OYO safety string you will not have to deal with this issue. The smartphone grip will allow you to attach your phone with your belt or bag using the rubber band or OYO ring. Your phone will not fall again while you are taking it out of your pocket.

Safety string

The biggest attraction of OYO is that it comes with the safety string that will protect your phone from falling to the ground. You can connect the string with OYO ring and wear it in your finger. It will allow you to easily reach out any corner of your screen without the fear that it might fall out of your hand. Your hands will be free to carry various other products because you can handle your phone with OYO ring.

While you are running or taking pictures you would like to have some extra protection. For this you can attach the string with OYO band that you can easily wear on your wrist and handle your phone on the go.

OYO safety string is an anti-theft device

Those who like to keep the phone in the back pocket of their jeans or bag often have the complaint that their phone was stolen. OYO smartphone grip will protect you from this issue as well. Once the phone is attached with your belt or bag, thieves will not be able to touch your phone without you noticing. In this way, they will not even dare touch your phone. You will never forget you phone on the bench again because it will be connected to you all the time.

OYO magnet

OYO can connect to any magnet that will allow you to connect your phone with the car while driving. You can easily keep your eyes on the road while the map opened in front of you. It will allow you to drive safely and you will not have to get a separate phone stand.

Easy to use

You may have been wondering that OYO will be very difficult to use and connect with the belt. There is a simple 3 steps process that will allow you to use the OYO safety string.

  1. You have to peel the skin from OYO and stick it with the back of your smartphone.
  2. You can select the interchangeable ring or bracelet according to your needs.
  3. Attach it with your bag/belt/finger/wrist and keep your phone safe all the time without even holding in it your hand.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

OYO comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The rubber band that comes with OYO is highly elastic that will allow you to use your phone easily. As well as the ring attached with the string will protect your phone from every dangerous situation. The OYO safety string has a smart design that will not affect the looks of your phone. You will feel like the smartphone grip is a part of your phone. It is manufactured with a high-quality and elastic material that will not undergo wear or tear.

Variety of attractive colors

The main body of OYO is available in two shades black and white while the ring or rubber bands are available in a variety of shades. You can select the one that you like.

There is no need to waste your time and money on the phone covers which cannot even give your phone the protection that it needs. OYO safety string is the best protection device you can have for your phone at an affordable rate. It is perfect for kids, adults, and teenagers. You can use it on all occasions and situations.

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