Small investment. Big peace of mind.

Our Story

OYO was invented in response to one of modern life’s most “oy” moments: a dropped mobile phone! We’ve all felt that stomach-wrenching feeling when our phone slips and we hear the crack or the splash! At OYO, we asked ourselves: why isn’t there a better solution out there? We didn’t find anything that really worked. So, we created our own. The result is possibly the world’s best way to keep your phone safe from harm: OYO.

What’s in a name?

The curious among you may be wondering about our name. Well, it’s fusion of Oy! and Yo-Yo. We wanted our name to bring some peace of mind from all that phone anxiety. But, at the same time to express the carefree fun of knowing wherever your phone goes, it’s gonna come back to you. Pretty cool, right?

Unique “safety” design

There are many “phone rings” on the market. They’re cute. But, with our  “safety-cord” mechanism, we went one step further to keep your phone safe. With OYO, a dropped phone doesn’t necessarily mean a broken phone! At the cost of a few dollars, it’s a very small investment that can save you hundreds of dollars! And lots of tears.


Our mission: Live life to the MAX – WITH your phone!

At OYO, we believe in living life to the max – together with our phones! Whether you love taking selfies in exotic places or climbing mountains or clubbing. We believe you should be able to live life to the max – never worrying if your phone will get lost in a crowd, slip out of your pocket or fall and get damaged!

We designed OYO to give you extra peace of mind, at all times. So you can carry on having fun with your phone. Take your phone wherever you go. Use your phone anywhere. So, if it falls – and statistics say it probably will – we’ll make sure it stays in one piece.

Stop worrying about your phone.
Continue living your life to the max,
With a little help from your friends at OYO.