How does OYO stick to my phone?

Quality materials and a powerful double-sided adhesive sticker keeps your OYO attached securely to your phone at all times.


How do I remove the OYO?

Simply slide a credit card or other sturdy thin object under the OYO, move it around gently, and prise your OYO free.

Attaching OYO to the case or skin of your phone makes it easier to remove. But, you can also safely attach OYO directly to your phone.


Does my OYO become useless once it is removed?

If you attached the OYO to the case you can remove the case and use it again whenever you want. If you removed it completely and destroyed the glue, don’t worry: we’ve included a spare double-sided adhesive sticker in every pack (in addition to the one that’s already attached to your OYO).


Are there different sizes for the ring and bracelet?

No. But we’ve worked hard to find the one ring and bracelet size that’s a perfect for (almost) everyone that will keep your grip without stopping your blood supply!. And still in case you fell too much pressure please stop using the ring\bracelet or both and update our support.


I threw my phone and it hit something and broke. What should I do?

WE DON’T RECOMMEND THROWING YOUR SMARTPHONE! In case you do, do so carefully


Will OYO fit in my pocket?

Yes. OYO’s slim design fits snugly into even the tightest pockets.

I received my OYO package but the product doesn’t work. What should I do?

Please check our Returns Refunds & Exchanges Policy.


Is it comfortable to use my smartphone with the OYO device on it?

Of course. OYO has a comfortable design, that helps you get the max from each day, keeping your smartphone safe and secure when you are using it.


Where can I learn how to perform OYO tricks?

You can teach yourself how to do tricks and even develop new tricks. Alternatively, you can find more information about the tricks in our youtube channel. Or stay up to date with the latest tricks by following us on social media.


 What your “product guarantee” means?

If for whatever reason, your OYO arrives damaged or doesn’t work as it ought to be working, as long as it’s unused, in its box and within 30 days, send it back to us and we will refund your money or send you a new one.

 Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

You can find more information in our Returns Refunds & Exchanges Policy.