Don’t be let down by fake OYOs!

OYO is a genuinely brilliant innovation – which is why dishonest people are going to try make a quick buck making and selling inferior copy-cat products!
But, counterfeiting sucks. Yes, it’s stealing from us. But it’s also bad for you.

It’s bad for you because you are getting an inferior product that may “look” ok, but in reality, it isn’t. In fact, when it matters most, it’s probably not going to protect your phone from getting damaged. (Which is what OYO is all about!).

That’s because buying an authentic OYO gives you total peace of mind you are getting the real deal. Only the authentic OYO gives you the “security cord” mechanism which is carefully engineered to return your phone with a tap of the hand and stop it from hitting the ground!  Only the authentic OYO is made with highest-grade materials so you are getting a durable product that is built to survive the bumps of everyday use. Only the authentic OYO leaves our factory only after strict quality control – so you can trust it in almost every situation.

When you buy an authentic OYO you also get peace of mind of product guarantee – so if anything is not to your satisfaction, we’ll replace or refund your money. No questions asked.

We take a lot of pride to design, craft and manufacture OYOs that keep your phone safe and secure. It’s what we live for. It’s what we’re passionate about.  Keep it real. Keep it safe!

Ps – We take counterfeiting seriously, monitor fake products, knock-offs and rip-offs, and crack down hard on illegal copy-cats who are hurting our customers!