OYO Launches; Delivers Improved Way To Protect Personal Cell Phone Devices

World Wide Web – November 5, 2018 The latest and greatest, safe and sustainable cell phone protection, is a fusion of the words Oy! and Yo-Yo. OYO is delivering an improved way to avoid costly screen replacements along with dents and dings. The product has recently launched and can be previewed and purchased at OyO Shop .
The idea is the brainchild of Company owner and product developer Shachar Yehudiel, who states: “OYO was invented in response to one of modern life’s most “oy” moments: a dropped mobile phone! We’ve all felt that stomach-wrenching feeling when our phone slips and we hear the crack or the splash! At OYO, we asked ourselves: why isn’t there a better solution out there? We didn’t find anything that really worked. So, we created our own.”
OYO works similar to a yoyo. It has a tethering ring that fits either on the finger or the wrist, and utilizes a string that contracts and expands. When a phone is dropped the string keeps the device attached to the hand, via the wrist or finger tethering component. And the phone boomerangs back into the hand. The Company believes it is a fun alternative to phone safety, as well as a practical way to keep cell phones safe.
The wrist band is made from safe and durable quality plastics. The string is also nearly unbreakable. Oyo features a metal base and can easily attach to any magnetic phone holder.
The Company welcomes questions and features informative videos on the website page for detailed description. OYO retails for $19.90 at the OYO store online and is offered in ten 10 color options for bracelet or tethering ring. Free worldwide shipping.
Now you can save 20% with the Black Friday Sale that continues all week long.

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